A Very Long Week

Last Monday I started my new job. My kids are all adorable, though obviously there are some conflicts, as there will be. They’re all between 2 and 4, and I love them. There are no evil parents, either. It’s weird, though, I worked in so many east side kindergartens, with kids from every corner of the planet, and here all the kids are white and blonde. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart!

My co workers are mostly nice, too. There’s another temp who’s about 19 and really sweet (my opinion of her was raised further today when I found out she likes Placebo). Other than that, everyone else is older than me, but I get along with them fairly well, click here to know more.

On Tuesday I went climbing with my friend Sebastian, at Klatreverket. I had an awesome time, climbed a 10 metre wall all the way to the top. I got so sore! By Friday the aches and pains were finally letting up a bit and I could finally move my arms without wincing. Definitely doing that again, it was great!

This weekend, Morten and I went to London to stay with Morten’s friend Espen, who lives in Angel, and works for an effects studio, doing CGI stuff for movies. On Friday, Morten and I went to the Doctor Who Experience while Espen was at work, which was awesome. We now have a squishy Adipose stress toy! Yay! Then we went wandering around Soho, I got some new clothes and things. Also tea. And we went to Forbidden Planet, as that’s mandatory. That evening, we went for a meal with Espen at my favourite restaurant in London, a little Indonesian/Malay place called Bali Bali, in Shaftesbury Avenue. Then we went drinking with some Swedish friends of Espen’s.

On Saturday we went to Camden, where I got new shoes and a new jacket. Afterwards, we went for dinner at Nando’s and then to Shakespear’s Globe to see Doctor Faustus (by Kit Marlowe, one of Shakespear’s contemporaries). The production starred Arthur Darvill (Rory on Doctor Who) as Mephistopheles, and he did an absolutely fantastic job! It was a lot of fun getting to see a darker side of him. Morten and I are fairly certain we saw his father and siblings right next to us in the audience. The young guy was almost identical to him, and they all had his nose.

I love the theatre, but I don’t have a very good vocabulary for it. I don’t think there’s anything very constructive I can say about the play… The actors were great, the music was awesome, the play was funny and sad and a little bit disturbing, and made you laugh and gasp in all the right places. The Globe is a lovely theatre, too, and the acoustics are fantastic.

Yesterday we went to the British Museum to look at mummies before we got the tube out to Heathrow. We’d been meaning to have dinner there, but we got a little bit delayed, and then there were delays on the tube, they stopped our train at Northfields and we all had to get out, and then there was signal failure out to Terminal 5, so we could only take the tube to Terminals 1, 2, 3 and then change to the express out to Terminal 5, which all together took a good extra 45 minutes. So when we finally got through security our flight status was already Go to Gate, so we just stopped at Pret and bought something we could eat on the plane (BA don’t serve food in Economy Class anymore) and then hurried off to the gate.

Thankfully, the plane boarded ahead of schedule, and arrived almost half an hour early in Oslo, so I didn’t get home too late; only about midnight.

Today was the first of two planning days at work. We figured out practical things like shifts and routines, and discussed what we wanted to do with the kids, did health and safety risk assessments and so on. Tomorrow I’m going to an assistant seminar.

Today was also my first day of the introduction Math course at Bjørknes. I was surprised to find that I didn’t find the things we went through today by far as difficult as I had expected, and that’s given me new confidence. Maybe I’ll manage my courses and my job all at once after all. I’ll certainly be giving it my best, anyway.

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