Don’t Dream It, Be It.

Today I have been brave. Today, I have spoken to people, and I’ve been introducing myself as a writer, or at least an aspiring one. I have talked to strangers, chatted with artists and authors.

I have spoken with Megan Hutchins, an up and coming who recently published her first short story, during the World Fantasy Award Banquet.

I’ve talked with Travis Heermann, about what it means to be a writer and give something your all, and about ideas, and about music.

I’ve just generally chattered with Lauren Cannon about all sorts of things, and with Sam Sykes about dogs.

I’ve talked to all kinds of people about all kinds of things, and I haven’t been scared or shy or hidden away. It’s been a fantastic day. Tomorrow I’m going home. Sleeping now. Good night, world.

Für den export werden tabak, baumwolle und zuckerrohr angebaut

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