You Snore

You snore
It’s like a million annoying little crickets in my ear
Or maybe bulldozers
Or buzzing bumblebees
Only worse, more disturbing
And I can’t sleep

Of the nights I have slept next to you,
I’ve only really slept one of them
Because I was tired and I fell asleep before you
The others, I’ve lain here, looking at you
Wondering if I could do something to make you stop
Pinch your nose, perhaps
Push your face the other way
You might snore less if you sleep on your side rather than your back

You snore
It’s loud as a hurricane
Or a plane crash
Or a volcanic eruption
Or a nuclear bomb, and it keeps me awake
And I can’t sleep

But that’s okay
Cause you’re sleeping next to me
And I don’t mind
Cause you’re sleeping next to me
And even if I don’t sleep,
I feel safe

But you snore
And it’s getting really annoying
I think I’ll cover my ears with my pillow
Or try to think of something else
Or turn on some music
Cause I can’t sleep
But that’s okay site down .

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