Just realised I never posted the lyrics for this one:

Rain falling under streetlamps
Forming words that I don’t understand
From a distant land

Puddles forming glowing rivers
Cold water makes me shiver again
Are you a friend

Solemnly we pass the night
Goodbye comes with the morning light
Wish I may, wish I might

Summer’s gone and autumn’s here
It’s the dark and cold that makes me fear
Will you keep me near?

Soon come the lonely nights
And I think I might just cry
Without you by my side

With the light of day
Will you try to make me stay?
Let’s just wile the night away

Tell me just how long
Must I be this strong?
And what shall I do
When I can’t see you?

I have said all my goodbyes
Smilingly I’ve listened to their lies
With a heavy sigh

Now only you remain
Only you will hear out my refrain
Nothing more to gain

Morning rain and misty eyes
Listen to the blackbird’s cries
As I step out of the night

Tell me how to give
Show me how to live
Lend me your own voice
So I can make this choice…

Go try it out in chrome you’ll be glad you took the time

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