I’ve made a few changes to chapter one.

On planet Eira the time of day never changes. On the day side of the planet people are healthy and happy. On the night side, the people live in poverty, their lives touched by conflict, crime and starvation. The day side sell their goods to the night side at high prices and grow wealthy from their misery. But on the island of Cendar, where the sun never sets, or truly rises, a resistance is growing, that wants to make a better world for everyone. Andera Merrers has almost given up hope that change will ever come, but when tragedy strikes her community she is forced to take matters into her own hands. Change can’t always come from within, and sometimes you have to fight to effect it.

Many thanks to my beta reader, Traumerei! (Edit: Traumerei has mysteriously disappeared/stopped answering my e-mails, and as such I will, for now, be posting the chapters unbetaed.)

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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