Life, life, life…

Keeps insisting on being busy, and then boring, and then busy again.

Not much has happened this week. I’ve been to work, and school. Oh, and I’ve handed in my resignation for my job. It wasn’t working. I mean, I love the job and the kids, it’s just not working in terms of work-load. I need some more flexibility. So instead I’ll be staying on to fill in for people who get ill or go on holiday. That way I will have the option of saying no if it’s inconvenient, and won’t have to attend staff meetings outside of regular working hours.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to write a bit again. Might have something to show for it soon, but for now I’m just doing smutty fanfiction for my own amusement and I have absolutely no intention of sharing any of it here.

I’m attending a jam night tonight. Been going for a while, but last week I had to miss it, coming home from England and everything. But there’s good musicians there, and I’m really enjoying myself singing with them. Last time I was there, I did All Along the Watchtower, and the guy who leads the jam told me that he’d like to hear me sing Great Gig in the Sky, which is just about the biggest compliment anyone could have given me, ever. So that’s what I’m singing tonight. Hope I can pull it off, as I have developed a cold. Oh, well. I think I can still sing.

Physics is going better. I had a sit-down with my stepdad yesterday and had him explain some things to me, and today I had study group and that went quite well, too. We’re nearly done with the hard part, the math part with all the formulae. From now on we’ll mostly be learning history and how to apply what we’ve learned to theory. Much easier.

Edd’s gone back to Japan again. I saw her on Tuesday, at Jen’s. We had dinner and played Zelda. It was nice. Bit sad to see her go, but I think she’ll have a good semester, and she’ll be back after Christmas some time, for a while. Morten and I have ordered plane tickets to see her in the spring, too, which should be full of awesome.

So, yeah… That’s in for now, I’m afraid. Can’t really think of anything else to talk about. Will blog again soon, probably.

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