Nothing More

You never take any consequences,
Because the consequences don’t matter to you
You do what you like with a constant smile
Not caring what others think about you (more…)


A wind is blowing through the trees
And the sky is bright red in the north, north-east
The summer moon is just half full
But it’s shining as brightly as ever (more…)

These Words

You have kissed my lips raw and sore
We’ve raised our glasses to “forever”
(in the sense of the foreseeable future)
And I have counted your eyelashes
We’ve had talks about now or never
And you’ve yet to run away (more…)

Just This Once

I know I tend to see a future that never comes
I know I tend to analyse the situation a little wrong
I know that what I want to happen isn’t usually what comes to pass
I know that the world’s full of shit and every person in it is an ass (more…)


Soberly and sombrely
Echoing from somewhere… I forget
No more melancholy
Never find its way back to me again (more…)

You Snore

You snore
It’s like a million annoying little crickets in my ear
Or maybe bulldozers
Or buzzing bumblebees
Only worse, more disturbing
And I can’t sleep (more…)


Your long back, retreating
And your eyes; frozen, silver storms
Burning, like blue flames
Piercing me, they see right through me (more…)


My foot’s asleep and my knee’s too weak to hold my weight right now
And this body’s too tired for words
Lack of sleep and too much alcohol has fucked up my nervous system
And I have no balance and no concentration
And my focus is off (more…)


Seashore, all deserted
Broken, but I’m learning
To live on my own  again  and
Be as I should (more…)

The Day and the Night

Yours is a name that I speak when I whisper
Yours is a voice that I hear in the silence
Yours is a face that I see when I’m blind
In the dark and the light
In the day and the night (more…)

© Maia Jern